> post COP28 < COP28 delivers commitment of renown & sourced some additional info on World Population @ wikipedia.org [ link opens a new tab window aka < target="_blank" > in use for safe browsing ] Thanks wikipedia.org looks like the previous figure sourced was not quite spot on there.. tho the referenced article does mention 300 thousand years to reach > one billion &&& under 300 years >>>>>>>> eight billion NOV2023 ratiosurprise from realizeda.live
> COP28 < Fossil-fuel Phase-out End cessation delay strategies. Wind-down climate change causative factors. Regenerate & nuture damaged Earth systems. :: ~ 8,077,913,632 futures ~ :: Eight billion seventy-seven million nine hundred and thirteen thousand six hundred and thirty two people deserve health security essentials clean water, fresh air, nutritious food and enough of it for everyone. specieshare [population approxm accurate at time of writing]
:: Purpose ::
'8,077,913,632 humans' Source: https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ [copy & pasted@8:35:15 pm 2023-12-10 Sunday UTC : Coordinated Universal Time] Life 'as we know it', & what 'we thought about the future' & and how it might have been with more & more climate weather changing severity and frequency ,is now uncertain. Lets thanks each other later and make this appropriately opportune stand for Earth and everyone in, on and orbiting it. Then maybe, just maybe the approxm ~ 150 Thousand babies born at time of writing +8b total@8077913632 might actually get to express gratitude for intervention on behalf of their futures. Allowing continued resource exploitation >> that directly worsens climate change << amounts to gross negligence of planetary proportions. Population majorities absoluely reject > continued ignorance of these destructive environmental machinations, spurned by economic hording without consequence. Life on a fast-paced 'pre-heat to roast' temperatured planet??? and the 'roast-ride' so far? fact ~ 35 degrees C and sweating fails to cool human physiology ~ *43C in Sydney yesterday.. Climate changing much???> People changing >> Industry changing >>> Species Survival >>> Future Secure adaptation is imperative not choice approach 'Nature Positive' theme > garnish wealth stockpiles > especially those funded by > >> resource over-exploitation << mistakes made -> now needs > > habitat stabilisation & people relocation >>> employ & develop effective >>>> environmental 'stewardship' collaborative styles altruism elevated cause based motivation especially for vulnerable dependants. Seriously, have care and belief that fellow humans deserve an inspiring prosperous life that is Not like people scrambling in some apocalypticflick
:: Nature Positive :: [links open new tab window to view URL] \ / What is nature positive and why is it the key to our future? https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/06/ what-is-nature-positive-and-why-is-it-the-key-to-our-future/ COP28 Multilateral development Banks publish first common principles for nature positive finance https://www.eib.org/en/press/all/ 2023-502-cop28-multilateral-development-banks-publish-first- common-principles-for-nature-positive-finance European Bank for Reconstruction and Development https://www.ebrd.com/news/2023/ mdbs-issue-common-principles-for-naturepositive-finance-at-cop28.html
:: Fossil-fuel Phase-out :: [links open new tab window to view URL] \ / 'calls for a ‘phase out’ of all burning of coal, natural gas and oil' 'end the burning of coal, oil and natural gas' >Wall Street Journal https://www.wsj.com/business/energy-oil/ future-of-fossil-fuels-at-stake-in-homestretch-of-climate-talks 'wind down extraction of the oil, coal and gas which are fuelling the climate emergency' >Phys.org https://phys.org/news/2023-12-persist-climate-summit-fossil-fuels.html 'new oil and gas projects in key Opec countries could lead to as many as 43 million premature deaths by the end of the century.' >yahoo.news https://au.news.yahoo.com/opec-under-fire-desperate-resistance.html 'develop national phase-out strategies' >Reuters https://www.reuters.com/business/environment/ dutch-led-coalition-moves- phase-out-fossil-fuel-subsidies-cop28-2023-12-09/ 'fossil fuel phase-out should be led by the wealthy countries which have exploited their resources' "Breaching the 1.5C threshold would mean that '2 billion people will live in areas ... beyond the human limit'" >Reuters https://www.reuters.com/business/environment/cop28-president-tells-nations-get-out-comfort-zones-search-final-deal-2023-12-08/ "A target for renewables cannot be a substitute for a stronger commitment to fossil fuel phase-out and an end to fossil fuel subsidies," "COP28 needs to deliver both." >USNews https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2023-12-09/opec-members-push-against-including-fossil-fuels-phase-out-in-cop28-deal "Planetary crisis - The planet has endured a string of record-breaking temperatures and intensifying storms and heatwaves, with efforts far off track on an ambition set at the 2015 Paris summit to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. "1.5 is not negotiable, and that means an end to fossil fuels," said Tina Stege, climate envoy for the Marshall Islands, which like many low-lying ocean nations fears its very survival as melting ice brings up water levels. A negotiator from a country in favour of a fossil fuel exit said the Arab group of nations was the only one to take a strong position against a phase-out, although cracks were seen with Arab states that do not produce oil. A person working for the summit president's office played down objections by Saudi Arabia, saying it was normal for nations to push hard at the end." "I don't feel that we're at that point where one is sticking their head above the parapet and being the troublemaker," the person said on condition of anonymity. >news.com.au https://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/opec-push-on-fossil-fuels-draws-ire-at-climate-talks 'we’re fed up of all of us being harmed and the dominant culture of economics' 'Climate justice is a right' “It’s not just about cutting emissions, it’s about restoring ecosystems and regenerating food systems.” >Irish Times https://www.irishtimes.com/environment/climate-crisis/2023/12/09/cop28-heads-into-final-72-hours-with-mounting-tensions-over-fossil-fuels-phase-out/
\ / Unrestricted cause inclusivity >> Scale goes beyond 'partipating' nations >>> Global crisis > > > Global action > cohort cohesion > > resource & supply focus shift > > strategize & redeploy agendas > > Regen not Degen > example challenge fixed: A country's emissions 'not factored'? There is no focus need on ownership, because Earth is a planet in a solar system, in true essence it is The Ship. naturedrives Think of all the productive healing endeavours that could be fostered to motivate actual outcome change adaption versus ongoing rampant econbomic accrual and time wasting with 'deliberation' on how or when and why to proceed. Sending this plea and some hopeful ideas, suggestions and links from the belief in doing something VS doing nothing. No offense intended if inadvertantly caused, Yes this is about peoples feelings and Yes we do feel strongly about what is right and Now the top priority Must Be to eliminate further damage causation by All means possible. Changing human activity after centuries of seemingly unlimited resource availability is without doubt a massive achievemnt. The focus clearly needs to change from servicing individual and organisational needs-based >>> to species-survival based to face cascading global climate destabilization & wide-spread human population disruption & displacement. Not sure what else to write here except thanks in advance for seeing the potential reality of a future with > less frequent record breaking weather events, > milder less sweltering temperature trends, > stable states of fresh & frozean water > de-escalation of conflict and many other problems that are connected to Earth System Process destablization. Humans have effectively rescued other species from extinction, be part of saving ours now. Wonder if there is a cause more worthy? Thanks for visiting realizedalive :)